Beautiful Things.

Carrie Schultz began her love of creating jewelry at 8 years old.  Her mother had taken her to a bead shop in Vancouver where she felt the thrill of total creative abandonment.  Since then, Carrie has continued her passion for jewelry design and creative expression.  Using all manner of materials including gemstones, bone, horn, wood, plumbing parts, vintage components and even her grandmother's buttons, Carrie creates unique designs not found in the regular market. 

Carrie's pieces offer a bohemian, free-spirit aesthetic, with a touch of nostalgia.  Each design is carefully constructed and hand made in Ontario. 

We welcome custom orders and will work to bring your vision to life.  If you see something that you would like customized or if you have your own special components, simply contact us to discuss some options. 


Beautiful You.

Carrie Schultz jewelry offers a fresh approach.  It fosters style, individuality and artistic expression.  It believes there is something inspiring and thrilling about showing yourself to the world in YOUR way.  It believes that everyone has something inside of them that is beautiful and wonderfully unique that must be shared with society.  It appreciates the things from the present as well as the things from the past.  It values craftsmanship and functionality. 

When you wear Carrie Schultz, you are wearing passion, confidence and individuality.  You are wearing you.